Professional Programming Practice

Writing project sites employ a variety of forms of professional development, among them workshops, coaching, and mentoring, model lessons, and study groups.  These programs are designed by the site to meet the needs of the schools and are led by teacher.

School Partnership Programming

A partnership is a formal collaboration between a writing project site and a school or district with the intent to offer a variety of learning opportunities, often over a number of years. It includes goal-setting, planning, and reflection/assessment.

Community Partnership Programming

Members of the community who are interested in writing poetry and prose are invited to attend any of our many offerings. Opportunities include a Young Writer's Program as well as 'writing marathons' offered at numerous interesting locations.

ELL Partnership Programming

Through these programs, participants will have a better understanding of the diverse needs of English Language Learners. As NYSUT recently stated, Central New York has become a hub for cultural diversity, thus these skills can benefit all local educators.

Customized Professional Development

As part of the NWP family, The Mohawk Valley Writing Project can design and deliver customized inservice programs for local schools, districts, and higher education institutions, as well as provide a diverse array of continuing education and research opportunities for teachers at all levels. Nationaly tested solutions delivered by highly qualified local professionals.